Thanksgiving Post: Hearing from God

I'm thankful that God is always speaking to you and me. The question is, are we listening?

I Should Have Waited To Buy That Furnace
I bought a house when I was twenty-five, and soon decided that I needed to buy a new furnace. I had this funny feeling that I should wait, but couldn't think what the reason could be. So, relying on my own (meager) wisdom I spent several thousand dollars (this is around 1990)  on a new furnace.

Months later I found out about a special rebate program from the local energy utility offering to replace furnaces for free. I was mortified. I had spent thousands on something I could have gotten for free if I'd just waited a few months.

This is the situation one is faced with when one relies on human wisdom instead of hearing from God.

That Funny Feeling
You see, the funny feeling I had that I should wait to buy the furnace was the Holy Spirit trying to talk to me. But I refused to listen because what God was saying didn't connect with my own wisdom. I just couldn't come up with any good reason to wait to buy the furnace.

I didn't have all the facts. But God did. God didn't share those facts with me. He just told me not to buy the furnace. This is the problem we so often face. God tells us to obey, but doesn't usually tell us why.

Sometimes it feels as if I've spent most of my life trying to learn not to jump ahead with my own wisdom. To wait to hear from God.

What God Is Telling Me Now
It's early in the week as I'm writing a draft of this post. I've taken a few days off from work, and feel like I need to send an email to someone at work about a particular issue. I feel God telling me, no, don't send that email. It will get you involved in stuff that could just as easily wait until you're back at work. I've decided to wait.

Later in the week, as I finalize the post, subsequent emails from others have confirmed that I was hearing from God. The issue I was worried about worked itself out, and I didn't have to lift a finger.

About That Furnace
A little more about that furnace I told you about. It had some serious problems that became apparent after it was installed. It's fine now, but I spent months having repairmen come out to fix it. They gave me the runaround over and over again but finally addressed the key issue which had to do with a flaw in the design.

If I'd waited to hear from God about the furnace, I'm sure that flaw would have been worked out by the time I had the utility install it for free. Then I would have had a flawless furnace. But I wasn't willing to wait. I had to have the furnace now. Hence the old saying, "All good things come to those who wait."

B.L. Jenkins

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