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Mountain Goat from Another World

I've heard that a low percentage of people in the world have seen a mountain goat like the one inset. I've seen a number of them, a few of them up close.
Seeing a mountain goat up close isn't necessarily a good thing.
Several years ago, friends of ours trekked with my son and I up to Francis Lake in the Wallowa Mountains in northeastern Oregon. The first day-and-a-half or so we were there we saw white specks that we suspected might be mountain goats.
Some of them were moving, which pretty much proved that they were mountain goats. What was especially interesting was seeing them moving south in the morning and then back north from where they'd come in the evening.
If you visit Francis Lake you'll see that there's an inviting stream that you can follow up into a steep mountain valley. We did that, and came to a beautiful and very loud waterfall. The terrain was rocky, and some of the younger men scaled a steep escarpment along one side of the waterfall while we older…

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