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How Much Does Information Weigh?

How much does Information Weigh?
(or — Help! I Can’t Stop Plagiarizing from The Impossible Library)

By Robert Joyce — Edited by Brian Joyce

A powerful institution has baptized us in a dogma. I’m not talking about the church. This time academia rather than religion has created a nearly inescapable assumption about the universe, an assumption that powerfully colors our view of reality. The materialist academy believes that there is no God, no miracles — that there is nothing in this universe other than material. They maintain this position, despite the fact that the evidence of a miraculous portion of the universe engulfs our everyday lives. The existence of information itself denies the materialist mantra. As you read this little essay, you are decoding the information contained in the characters on your computer or phone screen. I hope that by the end of this article, you are as completely astounded as I am that the information you are reading — the information itself — is literally a mi…

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