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What I Like About The Amish

On a Cold December Morning Over Coffee . . .
My wife and I were talking recently about a book she was reading. It's by Beverly Lewis and is a story about the Amish. You may know that Amish fiction has become a major category in the Christian publishing world.

As she told me the story's plot, which is pretty compelling (we've watched an excellent movie based on one of Lewis's books called Saving Sarah Cain, so I was already pretty sold on this author) I was reminded of an incident recorded by the prophet Jeremiah in the Bible.

Reading Through the Bible
I'm pretty much always reading through the Bible. I read something from the books of the law, the books of history, the books of poetry, the prophets, the gospels and the epistles every morning and have been doing so for a long time. I do it more for enjoyment than out of any sense of obligation, so if it sounds like more than you'd ever want to do, no worries.

Anyway, I just finished reading the book of Jeremiah. As I…

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